Honors & Awards

• CSIR- NEERI Technology Award 2020
• Green Excellence 2020

• Mumbai Green Hero 2019


• TACCI for Environment Protection 2017


• Hiyoshi Think of Ecology 2015
• BASF, 150 years Honor for mentor for Water for Society, 2015
• Outstanding Contribution: Mumbai Vision 2015


• VASVIK Award for “Environmental Science and Technology” (Phytorid Technology), 2013


• NEERI's Maximum Technology Transfer Award, 2012


• Third Prize under Vasundhara Award for use of Phytorid Technology: Siemens, Navi Mumbai, World Environment Day, 2011.


• Invited to speak at New-Castle University on “Fuel Options base Air Pollution Control in Urban Regions in India”, 2010. 


• Certificate for Significant work carried out by an individual (Technology Development and Transfer), NEERI, 2009.


• Certificate of Merit: CSIR, Leadership Development Programme, 2008.
•  Contribution to scientific information for articles in “Science”
Magazine “Choking on Fumes, Kolkata Faces a Noxious Future” February 2008.
• Requested to be advisor on Climate Change Initiative of Indian Merchants Chamber and Externalities of Nuclear Power, 2008.


• Award and Felicitation for Significant Contribution to “Clean and Green Campaign” of (MIDC), 2007.
• Award from Indian Association of Air Pollution Control Association, 2007.
• Climate Change Dialogue for various Cities for worldwide debate by CSM (Center for Social Markets), London, 2007.


• Observer Research Foundation, 2006.
• Best Patent Award for NEERI, 2006 for getting European and Australian Patent on Low Cost Waste Treatment Technology.


• USAID and USAEP “Environmental Leadership Award” for
outstanding contribution made through working in partnership to improve the Environment and Quality of Life for the people of Asia, 2005.
• Invited to speak at the World Mayors Conference on “Wastewater Management in Small Communities” under Millennium Development Goals for urban poor, 2005.


• Best Air Quality Management Initiative Award for Pune City due to our work and creation of AQM Cell from BAQ 2004. 


• US Embassy Award for “Industry- Environment”, IVP for significant work in Environment Engineering, United States of America, 2001.


• Commonwealth Commission Award for the Higher Studies in UK, University of East Anglia, 1994.


• Study Mission for Hawaii, Environment Management, Asia
Productivity Council, Japan.
• Invited by the Rockefeller Research Foundation for “Innovations for an Urban World” through Community based Organization.
• Advisor to BCCI on Sustainability for Industries.
• CII initiative in Corporate Sustainability and Environment Protection.