My Work

He has a vast experience in all fields of environmental science and engineering, especially air pollution control and management, urban air quality monitoring, emission inventory and modeling, environmental impact assessment, environmental audit, climate change and health. Dr. Kumar has given a notable contribution in developing technologies for reuse and recycle of domestic and industrial wastewater, which brought a paradigm shift in the country. Some of the areas which have been initiated by him are given below in multiple sector.
  1. Development of indigenous Catalytic Converter, Diesel Particulate Filter was carried out and demonstrated. This development led to promulgation of use of catalytic converter in 1996.
  2. Source Apportionment studies for multiple cities was conceptualized and carried out with our leadership, where I was involved as key person. Identification of molecular marker for source profiles of air pollutants for the first time in India.
  3. Particulate Matter Reduction Action Plan was carried out in the year 2002-03, which was differently devised as any other concept of PM reduction from elsewhere discussed as India couldn’t have adopted methods used elsewhere.
  4. Application of spatio-temporal patterns of columnar tropospheric with vertical density and Aerosol Optical Depth (AOD) comparison with DataFed web services satellite observations. Chandrapur an industrial region known as second most polluted region in the country, is being helped with this method in association with IIT Bombay.

Climate Change and Health Study with WHO. Beside, partner for GHG studies with regard to Carbonaceous Aerosols Programme with IIT Bombay and more than 15 institutions to study the science behind Black Carbon impact on climate change. Under 12th, 5th year plan project for assessment of climate change impact through environmental attributes for Indo-Gangetic region is being carried out with NPL as nod.

Noble Metal Based Catalytic Converter for the Control of Emissions from Petrol Driven Engines, Evaluation of DPF, DOC and PFF filters for air pollution reduction Direct Injection Technology for 2-stroke vehicle emission control, recycle technologies for wastewater, Nature based PHYTORID technology for domestic and industrial waste treatment, Floraft for lake rejuvenation, AQUA- De-alga for Water Hyacinth control,
SSHEHS for waste water disposal on land.

Development and application of evaluation methodology in EIA, Audit protocol development for Indian Industries. Environment Assessment for multiple types of projects (more than 60 projects across various sectors).

Integrated roadmap design for SWM in Mumbai Metropolitan Region, Landfill Methane and its utilization. Waste to Energy Feasibility, Judiciary based MSW management for different cities, Audit of Common Hazardous Waste Treatment and Disposal Facility, Hazardous Waste Landfill Design and integrity checking.

  1. Collaborative work with USEPA in Water Safety Plan and Composite Correction Programme for water treatment plants and distribution at consumer end was carried out. 
  2. Novel method of application of Radiotracer in coastal dispersion models for water quality modelling, Ocean Surface Current Radar sensors were used for coastal current and wave measurements and for mathematical model validation under hydrodynamic studies.
  3. Sustainability of water supply, Re-use, recycle technologies for wastewater, Nature based PHYTORID technology for domestic and industrial waste treatment.

Honors & Awards

BASF, 150 years Honor for mentor for Water for Society, 2015
VASVIK Award for “Environmental Science and Technology” (Phytorid Technology), 2013

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