Neeri launches eco-friendly sanitary napkin incinerator


NAGPUR: In a laudable effort to contribute to the cleanliness drive in India, the National Environmental Engineering Research Institute (NEERI) launched ‘Green Dispo’, an eco-friendly incinerator for disposal of sanitary napkins on Monday. The product will be available in the markets by next month.

This model has been made in collaboration with the International Advanced Research Centre for Powder Metallurgy and New Materials (ARCI) and Sowbal Aerothermics (SA).

Scientist and head of energy and resource management division, Nitin Labhsetwar said, “With increasing awareness about hygiene, use of sanitary napkins has risen. Nearly 432 million pads are disposed of every month in India. However, the traditional system of disposal of these napkins poses a major threat to the environment because of their toxic emissions. Not only this, but the process of disposal is also very time-consuming.”

The scientist later spoke about the uses of Green Dispo. He elucidated that Green Dispo is not only a model of an eco-friendly incinerator for sanitary napkins but also a model of improvements. As compared to the other products in the market, it has an improved combustion chamber, has less energy consumption and most importantly keeps in mind the safety concerns.”
According to reports, a small-scale incinerator can dispose of 5-10 pads. However, NEERI’s model can incinerate around 60 pads in an hour. About maintenance issues, Labhsetwar said, “We have made sure that our contract mentions that the maintenance of such a sensitive device is a must and the same must be done every six months.”

Director of CSIR-NEERI Ramesh Kumar addressed the gathering and spoke about the institute’s efforts to tackle environmental issues. The Director of ARCI Padmanabham was the guest of honor.

Representative of Girl Child Industries N Sushma gave a live demonstration of the model. Roy Johnson from ARCI and VVS Rao from SA gave a presentation about the contribution of their institutions in this model. The vote of thanks was proposed by Labhsetwar. Madhubala Sabu from We Dare social organization and Anusuya Kale Chhabrani from Swachh organization were also present at the event.

Source: “The Times of India